The impact of the kingpin strategy on extortion and kidnapping in Mexico

While Mexico's main counter-organised crime policy has been the 'kingpin’ strategy, evidence suggests that ‘neutralising’ criminal leaders is associated with increases in homicides. However, there is little research on the impact of such strategy on …

¿Cómo pueden los análisis cuantitativos ayudar a prevenir el delito?

In this panel, I talked about how the analysis of repeat victimisation patterns can contribute to the design of better crime prevention strategies (in Spanish).

Improving the measurement of extortion victimisation: The case of Mexico

This talk will discuss the current limitations of the existing instruments to measure extortion in Mexico, and propose ways in which they could be improved.

Your first R package: A tutorial

Learn how to create a bare-bones R package.

Crime and Covid-19

This study seeks to examine the effect of the COVID-19-related changes in routine activities on crime patterns in Mexico City.

Flawed Measurements of Organised Crime Activities

Extortion against businesses is one of the main security challenges facing the Mexican government today. However, extortion measurements are flawed.

A report says that Mexico is the second-deadliest conflict zone in the world – it’s just not true

The figures have been taken out of context.